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Our Mission
Superform strives to provide superior products to ensure the longevity of building construction.
We believe in effective communication and the importance of understanding builders and property owners.  We encourage new ideas in developing new innovations and growth and promote energy efficiency.  We value the importance of honest and ethical relationships and are committed to remain fair and true in our dealings with employees, clients and vendors.

Superform Products Limited was established in 1998 in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada.  We pride ourselves as North America’s Strongest Block and one of the leaders in Insulated Concrete Forms.  Superform is forming a greener future with our Insulated Concrete Forming (ICF) Block System.  Take comfort in reducing heat loss during the winter and keep your home cooler in the summer.  Constructing your foundation and walls with our unique ICF Block System will also provide significant noise reduction, fire resistance and exceptional strength and security.  Superform ensures ease of construction, thereby saving time and money.  This system replaces the conventionally poured concrete foundation walls with rigid EPS forms for the retention of concrete and proper placement of rebar.  Concrete cured inside an ICF gains more strength than that poured into wood forms.  The Superform wall system accomplishes forming, framing and insulating in one step, providing a finished wall far superior to any other framing method.

The Superform System is intended to replace conventionally poured concrete foundation walls in residential and commercial construction. The rigid EPS provides both the form for the retention of wet concrete and thermal insulation for the exterior & interior walls. The EPS also provides superior sound barrier insulation for interior party walls. The plastic ties in the blocks (which are slightly recessed to prevent thermal bridging) are a threefold unit. First they provide the “tie” member of the forms that is they hold the two panels of EPS the correct distance apart while the concrete is being poured.  Secondly, they allow for proper placement of reinforcing bar by way of slotted pockets into which rebar is snapped. Thirdly, the ‘T’ shaped portion at each end of the tie is the member to which inside and outside finishes are attached. Thus the Superform wall system accomplishes forming, framing and insulating in one step, providing a finished wall far superior to any other building method.

Superform has a wide variety of block configurations to meet any building requirements; residential, commercial, industrial.  Standard 12” x 48” blocks create an easy way for you to calculate you form requirements together with 6” tie spacing and the thickest corner ties available make you interior and exterior coverings a cinch to apply.

Continuously improving and expanding our product line, Superform will be introducing Sheet Foam as well as some other new and exciting products in the coming months ahead.

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