Concrete Strength

Rebar Placement

One more important feature of Superform tie is the re-bar slots, which holds rebar where it is intended to stay, without the possibility of it being pushed to the side. There are 3 or 4 slots per tie, one on either side, 30 mm from the edge of the concrete, and one or two in the center, for versatility in rebar placement. Rebar is usually staggered from one row of block to the next row.

Horizontal rebar (either 10mm or 15mm) is placed every 12" or 24" vertically, and at whatever spacing is necessary for vertical rebar (if any), according to backfill height and other site conditions, such as height of wall and floor system support. Generally, an eight-foot wall will have 5 or 6 horizontal rows of 10mm reinforcement, and vertical bars at 24" spacing only where backfill is higher than 6 feet. Vertical bars are required at the sides of all openings.

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