Product Description

The Question is..

     Why waste time, effort and money on inferior forming methods? As builders across North America are Discovering, there is only one insulting concrete forming system that has risen above the crowd - Superform!


The Point is...

  • Superfom insulated concrete forming (ICF) system is the Strongest.


  • Superform ICF provides the largest, widest and thickest backing for wall finishes.


  • Superform ICF is the only system to provides as much R-Value a full 5 1/2" of type-2 EPS.


  • Superform ICF is the only system to come fully assembled in efficient 12" x 48" blocks.


  • Superform ICF is the only system to provide a massive, 3" wide backing at outside corners.


  • Superform ICF is the true leader in ICF systems.



Peace & Quiet

     Sound transmission tests have shown that insulated concrete walls allow less than one third as much sound to transfer through the walls as do conventional wood and fiberglass walls. ICF homeowners rarly hear disturbing outside noise, even when situated near airports or busy streets.

     While most poeple expect the benefits of energy savings, most are surprised and impressed by the  quieter living environment.



Solid & Lasting Security

     The proven combination of concrete and rigid insulation provide an incredibly solid structure for your financial investment, and - more importantly - for your family. Homes built with materials such as superform have proven track record of being able to withstand the extreme ravages of tornadoes, hurricanes and fires while stick built house around them collapse in ruins.

     Regarding fire, the polystyrene used in Superform is treated so it will not support combustion. Its flash ignition point is higher than that of wood and, if it does burn, it releases less toxins than pine, oak, cotton and many other household items.

      Perhaps more importantly, fire walls test have shown these walls to withstand exposure to intense flame without structional failure much longer than common 2 x 6 walls. Superform walls carry a fire rating of 3 hours minimum, while conventional wood walls are rated at 20 minutes.


Less Repair & Maintenance

     With Superform buildings the equation is simple. No Rot = Less Repair and Maintenance. Concrete has stood the test of time and its resistance to decay is unquestionable. The polystyrene insulation and the reinforcing steel, buried deep inside concrete are also unaffected by moisture, mildew and other elements hazardous to wood structures.


Internationally Proven & Code-Accepted

     Eurpeans have known the benefits of building with concrete for centuries, and while ICF systems have been used successfully around the world for more than 3 decades, they are only now becoming a standard in North America. Thousands of ICF homes have been built in Canada and the U.S.A., proving successful in all geographical areas and climates. They are as effective for keeping the heat out in the southern U.S.A. as they are for keeping the cold out in northern areas.


     Enough has been said in recent years about the benefits od building with ICF'S. Most poeple can see and understand the differences between conventional construction methods nd the newer, more energy-efficient concrete alternative. Now the time has come to separate the mediocre from the outstanding!

     Numerous contractors have left their old ICF'S in the dust (so to speak) after trying SUPERFORM. No other system can withstand the hydrostatic pressures exerted by 10 or even 12 vertical feet of 6" slump concrete in one pour! Ties with 1 3/4" wide flanges, spaces every 6", create a block, in the words of one Canadian Construction Engineer, "is the only ICF I know of that is able to conform to Government standards regarding concrete pressures."

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