1) How much does a Superform house cost, compared to conventional 2 X 6 construction?

      Depending somewhat on where the project is located, and on costs of labour and subtrades there, the average home built with superform will cost about 7% - 10% more than conventional methods, overall with everything considered. This means that a $200,000.00 home built conventionally would cost about $217,000.00 when built with Superform.


2) How much does just a basement cost, compares to conventional?

      In many areas, builders have become more accustomed to using insulating forms, and most basements will cost very little more to construct with Superform than they would to form-and-pour conventionally, and then frame & insulate the inside. In fact, it is common today for Superform basements to be slightly cheaper than conventionally built basements.


3) What is the R-Valve of these walls?

      There is a combination of the actual resistance valve of the EPS foam inside and out, and the thermal-mass effect of the concrete. By comparison, an average 2x6 wall has an over all R-valve of approximately R-14, when all headers, studs and plates are factored in.  A Superform wall is double that of a conventional wall.


4) Are there any health issues associated with building this way?

     Certainly no negative ones. If anything, an enhanced environment is created inside the building by using basically inert and stable materials in the exterior walls that do not rot, decay, harbor mold, or release any negative dusts or gasses. When burned, these forms would release less toxins than if you burned pine, oak, wool or cotton.


5) Can I do this job myself?

      Perhaps, if you have previous construction experience. We recommend that our dealers are consultants, at a minimum, to ensure a smooth, trouble-free project. We have installation manuals and over-the-phone help for people who are prepared to take on the responsibility of doing thier own basement.


6) How high can the Superforms be stacked and poured in one shot?

      Experienced Superform installers routinely stack and pour 12 vertical feet, and pours as high as 15 feet have been done. It's dangerous and it requires solid experience, but the blocks will hold the concrete. 10 vertical feet is common, 8 and 9 are done all the time.


7) Do you need tape or glue to hold the forms together?

      Basically, no. If window or door openings are close to a corner, some cleats or scabs are used to tie it all together, but generally except for around openings, no glue or tape is used.


8) How much do the blocks cost?

      That will vary with your location, the quantity of  blocks you need, and what raw materials costs are doing. Contact our dealers to obtain pricing and delivery information.


9) How much energy savings can I expect if I build this way?

      Most buildings contructed entirely with Superform will cost about 35%-50% less to heat or cool.



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