Technical Drawings

Please refer to the following categories for detailed drawings or download the Index to access a description of each category.

 Category 1:         Individual Block Detail Drawings

                           8", 6.5" 6", and 4" Block; Height Adjuster

 Category 2:         Residential Foundation Basement Walls

                           Fndn Knee Wall, Fndn Wall 8', Fndn Wall 9'

 Category 3:         Residential Frost Walls

                           4', 8', 9' and Two-Story Frost Walls

 Category 4:         Residential Full Height Walls

                           Shallow Depth Footings, 2 and 3 Level Walls, Full Height Walls

 Category 5:         Residential Generic Details

                           Reinforcement, Window Openings, Door Openings, Misc. Details

 Category 6:         Residential Mono Slab – Full Wall

                           1 Level Mono Slab Wall

 Category 7:         Wall Ledger Attachments

                           Anchor Tunnels, Simpson ICFVL

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